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Message of CEO

Assalamu Alaikum

Dear valued clients take my warmest welcome to my company “UNIVERSAL  STEEL  & CONCRETE TECHNOLOGY” and  “VERSATILE DESIGN CONSULTANTS”. Our honest and dedicated vision on o­ffering high-tech along with high-quality metal buildings at an affordable price in all sector of constructions.

As a civil engineer, I believe that a proper synchronization of project planning, design, materials fabrication, constructions supervision must lead to a classy and fabulous creation after all. My whole team & specially I directly participate in all program related to my project before starting it. Our superior design policy, experienced & skilled engineers, well trained & skilled erection and technical teams are the basic rhythm & strength of our company.

Our Scope of Works

- Ceramic Industry Factory Shed Buildings

- Garments Shed Building

- Garments Knitting Building

- Garments Spinning Shed Building

- Textile Mills Shed Buildings

- Factory Building

- Ware House Shed Building

- Godown Shed Building

- Crane Building

- Steel Re-rolling Mills

- Machine Tower

 - Auto Brick Field Shed

- Poultry Shed Building

- Cow Farm Shed Building

- Grain Storage Shed Building

- Feed Mill Shed Building

- Auto Rice Mill Shed Building

- Office Building

-Multi-storied Steel Building

-Retail Market Buillding

-Super Shop Building

- Duplex Building

- Triplex Building

- Resort Buildings

- Foot Over Bridge

- Emergency Steel Stair

- Steel Lift Core

- Filling Station


Our Project Picture

Univarsal Steel Offer Best Performance And Service Facilities For Our Clients

Our Speciality

Safe, Economic, Great Sustainability & Stability, Great Earthquake Resistance  Steel Structures.

Why Will You Make Steel Structure

:: Quick construction period
:: Cost effective
:: Large span for smooth factory management
:: Transferable
:: Easily expendable for future expansion
:: High re-sell value
:: Early profit gaining opportunity
:: Comparatively safe than RCC building in eartquake period.


:: Economic & Safe Design following up-to-date standard design codes.
:: All projects are followed by our experienced technical personnels.
:: Proper project planning & friendly technical suggesion.
:: Firm commitment.
:: High quality workmanship
:: Proper guide line and strict follow up for timely project hand over.
:: We ensure best quality materials following the design code specification.
:: We offer comparatively low price.
:: We offer package work both in weight or square feet basis.
:: We offer a fixed period of free maintenance of completed project.

offering the finest pre-engineered steel structures

Univarsal Steel